Monday, July 25, 2011

No, I am not dead.

So I am back in California, it is my first day back at work and I am not loving it.  Sorry for the death of the blog so early.  It was due to a combination of lack of pictures, lack of time, lack of Internet, and my computer having audible death rattles.

I will post some of the pictures I took soon, but it seems a bit ridiculous to tell the tale of my adventures now that I am settling back into the monotony.  The rest will have to be stories to share over a beer (unless I randomly get bored and feel like writing, in which case I may just pop on here again).

I would, however, like to thank all the marvelous people I met or already knew that hosted me.  You are all wonderful and there are so many that I cannot bring myself to list you all for fear of forgetting dozens. 

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